The International Information Network on new or emerging, appropriate use and re-assessment needed Health Technologies (EuroScan International Network e.V.) is a non-for-profite collaborative, member driven network and scientific association of public agencies, scientific organisations and individuals for sharing and collecting information and development of methods for the early identification, appropriate use and awareness of health-related technologies (medical devices, pharmaceuticals) and procedures in medical interventions, nursing interventions and public health interventions.

The scientific association is registered in Germany but acting global and based on the EuroScan network since 1999 which was hosted in Birmingham, UK.

The next scientific meetings will be done in autumn 2018.

EuroScan at the HTAi meeting 2018 in Vancouver

As a HTAi partner EuroScan network is active participating within the yearly conference in Vancouver 2018. The membership meeting will be in June, 2nd, during HTAi 2018 in Vancouver from 16.45-18.15

In addition EuroScan is presenting a workshop:

WS24: New Ways of Exploring the Health Technology Horizon (June 2nd 2018 - 13.00-16.30)
The proposed workshop will describe and introduce people into the data driven area of early awareness, appropriate care and disinvestment. New technologies on identifying knowledge, preparing summaries for HTA and/or priritization processes will be shown by examples, as well as how to collaborate and use collaborative knowledge. The aim of this workshop is to raise the ability of participants to know about existing scientific frameworks on horizon scanning, quality aspects and tools to describe existing knowledge, the use of  shared tools to improve the finding and the use of identified knowledge. Participants should get an in-depth awareness of interactive tools and collaborative structures of HTAi and EuroScan.