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Working in our special working areas

EuroScan international network is organizing the workload in between meetings within working groups. These groups are as well for members who are interested on a specific topic.

We are now working on first three main topics:

- to improve our database in relation to pharmaceutical information -->

- to improve our database for medical device and other non-pharmaceutical technologies and procedures -->


- to improve general services based on new our more developed technical infrastructure (services for hosting databases, review systems, prioritisation systems) which could be adapted for members requirements, as well as to establish long distance learning systems for the association as ell as for the use of members to publish training courses -->.

In addition the board is in preparation of procedures for getting into connection how we can establish communication to non-members out of different scientitifc and business areas.


Interested in more details? Have a look at the web area of the working groups and/or contact the person or the secretariat directly.

The next Membership Assembly of EuroScan International Network will be during HTAi 2019, June 15th-19th, in Cologne. If you like to make a non-binding prereservation for hotels, please contact the Secretariat.


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