Topic Description Speaker

Day 1




Coffee and cookies will be offered to the participants.

Open from 9.00


Introduction to the meeting and presentation of the agenda.

R Joppi

Updates on EuroScan international network

General update of past, current, and upcoming issues.

R Joppi

Early Awareness activities in different regions of the world

Update on the Early Awareness activities in different regions of the world.



A Migliore

 B Kearney

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

Session on data mining and information collection

● Presentation of methods and tools to scan sources and collect information using a new approach.

● From data mining to organized information collection

● A minimum set of information for the EuroScan database/repository.

D Craig

Invited speech

R Joppi

Introduction of working groups activities

Aims and vision of the working groups programme within EuroScan.

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

Working groups session – (part I)

Discussion and activities finalised to the development of tools and services; Specific groups, for drugs and non-drugs, will discuss on methodology and knowledge exchange.

(Group I - Drugs)

(Group II - Non-drugs)

R Joppi / D Craig

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea /
A Migliore

Working groups session – (part II)

Finalisation and presentation of proposals, operative steps and tasks.

HP Dauben and
2 rapporteurs from the Groups

EuroScan Database (update)

Current developments and needs in relation to a higher level of structure.

HP Dauben

Upcoming common HTA activities

Presentation and update on potential common activities with partners and other organisations (e.g., HTAi, G-I-N). Discussion and request on participation will be next day.

R Joppi and attending people involved

Summary of Day 1

Summary of the highlights of the day and presentation of the working dinner contents.

A Migliore



Working dinner

Brainstorming on the electronic services offered by EuroScan to promote knowledge exchange among members.

All participants



Day 2



Upcoming common HTA activities

Discussion and request on participation.

A Migliore

EuroScan Website (update)

Presentation of the latest version of the website (new features, tools, contents, use, and future developments)

H-P. Dauben

Classifications systems and their use for information management

Invited speech. 30min Presentation and then discussions

D Meshkov

Key-points from the working dinner

Presentation and discussion

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea and rapporteurs

Medical Device information

A short overview on med tech information according to actual developments

Comments and hints from participants (on site, online or later offline) will be collected

A Migliore

Recommendations information structure and services

Summary of all recommendations, request and proposals will be offered and discussed

HP Dauben

Summary of Day 2

Summary of the highlights of the day.

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

Closing remarks

Closure statements and invitation to the next Spring Scientific meeting in 2019

R Joppi

The program might be modified due to actual developments. Registration for the meeting is required.
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