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Day 1




Coffee and cookies will be offered to the participants.

Open from 9.00


Introduction to the meeting and presentation of the agenda.

R Joppi

Updates on EuroScan international network

General update of past, current, and upcoming issues.

R Joppi

Early Awareness activities in different regions of the world

Update on the Early Awareness activities in different regions of the world.



A Migliore

 B Kearney

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

Session on data mining and information collection

● Presentation of methods and tools to scan sources and collect information using a new approach.

● From data mining to organized information collection

● A minimum set of information for the EuroScan database/repository.

D Craig

Invited speech

R Joppi

Introduction of working groups activities

Aims and vision of the working groups programme within EuroScan.

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

Working groups session – (part I)

Discussion and activities finalised to the development of tools and services; Specific groups, for drugs and non-drugs, will discuss on methodology and knowledge exchange.

(Group I - Drugs)

(Group II - Non-drugs)

R Joppi / D Craig

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea /
A Migliore

Working groups session – (part II)

Finalisation and presentation of proposals, operative steps and tasks.

HP Dauben and
2 rapporteurs from the Groups

EuroScan Database
(update and expected developments)

Current developments and needs in relation to a higher level of structure.

HP Dauben

Upcoming common HTA activities

Presentation and update on potential common activities with partners and other organisations (e.g., HTAi, G-I-N). Discussion and request on participation will be next day.

R Joppi and attending people involved

Summary of Day 1

Summary of the highlights of the day and presentation of the working dinner contents.

A Migliore



Working dinner
(20.00 - Rest. Manolo León c/ Guadalquivir, 8)

Brainstorming on the electronic services offered by EuroScan to promote knowledge exchange among members.

All participants



Day 2



Upcoming common HTA activities / strategy of the network

Discussion and request on participation.

A Migliore

HP Dauben

EuroScan Website (update)

Presentation of the latest version of the website (new features, tools, contents, use, and future developments)

HP Dauben

Classifications systems and their use for information management

Invited speech. 

D Meshkov

Key-points from the working dinner

Presentation and discussion

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea and rapporteurs

Medical Device information

A short overview on med tech information according to actual developments

Comments and hints from participants (on site, online or later offline) will be collected

A Migliore

Recommendations information structure and services of the network

Summary of all recommendations, request and proposals will be offered and discussed

HP Dauben

Summary of Day 2

Summary of the highlights of the day.

I Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

Closing remarks

Closure statements and invitation to the next Spring Scientific meeting in 2019

R Joppi

The program might be modified due to actual developments. Registration for the meeting is required.
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